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by erik
Nov 18, 2007
Would you rather have four legs and no arms or four arms and no legs?? by Floatingcrabb 3
Just now
I might be dying my hair blue and mized with black or should i die is just purple. by Druvraaj 11
1 min ago
Should i do face and body reveal by BlackDragonAlpha 24
2 min ago
Jo mama by Sanbrook110 1
2 min ago
what should my pfp be of by iCassie 200
13 min ago
Ask me anything by Xx_Ocean_26 195
21 min ago
Champ: What's the best anime? by ChampoftheCommieCamp 35
29 min ago
some czech by FoxWithNekoEars 42
30 min ago
Tell your favorite quotes πŸ™‚ by CouldntFindAGoodUsername 367
40 min ago
Just some common sense for folks by Tails204 2
56 min ago
AMA for fun by Fuchuina 39
1 hr ago
Pizza V.S Beans by DTD4q1_ThanhAn 2
1 hr ago
overheating by freidoon5 2
1 hr ago
Do aliens exist? or are we alone in the universe? by Invinciblemyc 300
1 hr ago
Add 4 Words to the Story 😎 by SkipThisAd 531
1 hr ago
Who's ur Favourite singer?! by ADAM_PEATY 484
1 hr ago
The Science of Biological Evolution (no politics or religion) by Elroch 40628
1 hr ago
I don't wanna go to school cause i did not sleep i stayed up all night chatting with friends. by Druvraaj 137
2 hrs ago
u can join ig it does not matter if u don't by Purple_devil007 12
2 hrs ago