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    Ian, what iPad browser are you using? Posting comments works fine for me from the most recent Safari version, but not from my preferred iPad browser, Atomic Web Browser, unless I tell AWB to pretend that it's the desktop version of "Firefox 5", then it works. Otherwise, the comment box fails to appear, and only the spinning wheel spins endlessly. Wink

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    1. Please, move the notes back to the RHS margin.  2. Please, restore the Matches in Progress counter on our Teams' Home page  along with the avg. Member rating and the independent Forum Activity window.
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    the endless quiz shows an error when you try to open the leaderboard

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    Since the new site started I have been getting several complaints that my bishop does  not show on my board? I can see it but my oponets can not? I wonder if there is a fix for this?

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    The "new comments" link on my home page sends me to wrong places.

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    erik wrote:
    Lorgen wrote:

    A comment was made that 1 day was too soon to cancel as owners listen to feedback. I've been here long enough to know is utter BS

    what's BS - that we don't listen? come on!! :) i've read more than 2,000 forum comment threads and sent hundreds of personal messages in the last 2 days alone discussing with members how to improve the site. find me another website owner of a site with 5 million members who does that :)

    Most of those messages were probably something to the effect of "shut up, it ain't going to happen."

    Just because you comment on here doesn't mean you've read everything.

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    MittRomney wrote:

    Innovation and progress!  Now erik is one fine young American.  God Bless.

    This is surely a campaign move. Mitt Romney probably paid erik to change the site, hoping it would attract more people, so they could all gather around to hear his political b.s. and be brainwashed into voting for  him.

    I knew that there was a conspiracy with erik telling us to shut up, sit down, and stop complaining because we weren't going back.

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    the link works now

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    Whilst I wasn't so keen on the member's homepages/profile layout/design I think the homepage looks really good...  a great improvement.

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    Reason I like the homepage much more is there is some decent contrast going on there.. lots of light and shade. Looks good.

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    One thing: I think some people are seeing a different site than the rest of us, because of old browsers. For kicks I checked the site out in IE6, and it was like Hiroshima. Now, granted, I think anyone who uses IE6 should be publicly flogged, but still, cross-browser issues like those may be why some people literally can't use the site at all.

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    I'm using Firefox with no problems, perhaps you just need to clear the ever-so-problematic cache?

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    I've had to clear my cache more often on the new site than the old site. 

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    Not surprising -- the new site is undergoing constant changes atm, so it is pretty normal to have to clear the good ol' cache more often :-)

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    hey, who's cache you calling old Brad! lol

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    The whole concept of a cache is kinda obsolete now with Internet speeds as they are. 

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    cache sera sera!

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