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"Abandoned" games and iPad (and iPhone) app problems

  • 10 months ago · Quote · #21


    Huge frustration. My app says reconnecting even though I have no connection problems on my iPad. Then if I go to the main screen to check and see if the wifi link is good, the app says I abandon the game.

    Can Chess.com a.) fix this problem, or b.) at least allow the wifi bars to show up at the tip of the screen so I can know if I have shaky connectivity?

  • 9 months ago · Quote · #22


    I am continuing to have this problem with my iPad. The app will disconnect despite having a stable internet connection, and will not be able to reconnect itself. I have to quit the app and reopen it to join my games again. I have given up using live chess on my ipad. It is too frustrating.

  • 7 months ago · Quote · #23


    Funny I found this page. I've had all of the above problems and was actually considering not playing on chess.com any longer. I guess these are minor bugs and fixes are still on the way.

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    Guys, I think i found the problem with chess.com app about "reconnect itself". I did exacly same what Bubbrubb did mean "I have to quit the app and reopen it to join my games again". I removed iclound form my ipad. It fixed this problem. 

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    chess.com you suck at making app

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    And any of you guys can quote me because I am tired of losing because of the same app connection problem crap.

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