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Which is harder: Playing a chess master or solving a rubik's cube

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    you grew a moustache?

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #42


    I let my epaulette grow out.

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    i thought it was a tassel.  yours makes more sense.

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    ilikeflags wrote:

    i'm a half-wit and i got half of it in less than an hour.

    thats why you can only solve half

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    Uh-oh, Driver's License Guy just zapped ya good, flagsy!

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    I'll throw in a dark horse vote for crushing 10 consecutive beer cans against your forehead.

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    Yeah, even Meat Loaf couldn't do that!

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    I think solving the rubiks cube is easier. I onced played with a stinking chess master and it was so bad. Two scenarios: He was definitely stronger than me at chess but his breath and armpit odor was much much stronger.

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    Rubil's cube has more combinations than there are forum posts about the number of possible chess positions.

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    with help. but parts i got on my own.

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    Solving a Rubik's cube is easy. I can do it in less than five minutes just about every time. Playing a chess master is easier though, since you don't really have to devote any effort to play chess.

    Which of these is harder:

    1. Solving a Rubik's cube blindfold

    2. Beating a chess master blindfold

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    Then there is that perplexing problem of why you'd want to solve a Rubik's cube.

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    I solve cubes blindfolded regularly, it's really not that hard. It obviously takes much less training than getting good enough at chess to beat a chess master, let alone blindfolded.

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    Rubiks cube definately. I can do that in about a minute.

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    Once, a long time ago, I beat a Master in a tournament game, but I will never be able to solve a rubik's cube.

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    You would if you try... it's not THAT hard.  It's only deceptively hard.

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    Rubik's cube can be solved from any position by following a simple algorithm. Once you know the algorithm, it's merely a matter of applying it. 

    The same is not true of beating a chess master. 

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    Pointless thread.

    As is, the rubiks cube is much harder.

    If you asked the question properly, beating a chess master is much harder.

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    Its easier to play a chess master, than solve a cube. You said PLAY, not win!

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