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A nice game

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    Your queen side attack needed to be much more energetic. Attacking is as much about opening lines as winning material, so the first move that really put me off was 21...Ne8. Why not just play b5 straight away and capitalize on his defenders all being on the far side of the board?

    Instead you wasted a few moves to get back to having control over b5 (which you already had), allowing white to improve hsi bishop by grabbing the f1-a6 diagonal and then preparing a lateral defense with Rh2. White may have been able to hold if he had defended better here.

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    Thanks Pellik, hope to se more comments like this one

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    Good combo! Smothered mate strikes yet again! :)

    Your opponent fell for a Rook. :) Good Knight placements.

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    nice queen sacrafice .

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    nice queen sac and smothered mate

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