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by anaxagoras
26 days ago
Member Analysis Auditions
by DanielRensch
May 16, 2018
Just beat Mrvica44 (2300) DrDrumkessatin (1800?) Vs Mrvica44 (2300) 5+0 Blitz (on Lichess) by GlamurnyjGeroy 1
46 min ago
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49 min ago
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2 hrs ago
pls review my match by NExSCOT3 5
3 hrs ago
analysing games by playing both sides by BarryWoodworker 2
3 hrs ago
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5 hrs ago
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10 hrs ago
When you run across a new move. by IMBacon 2
16 hrs ago
please help me analyze this by hedgehoglover02 6
21 hrs ago
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1 day ago
Where are the 13 tactics? by ThomasX 2
1 day ago
I Think I Had A Good Game... by Year1993 3
1 day ago
BRUTUM FULMEN by Devilish_Bad_Games 13
2 days ago
Can't believe I actually play this. How can I be so smart back then? by MawarBerdarah 5
2 days ago
Pretty Mate vs Polish Opening by cubemaster42 1
2 days ago
Does this positional sacrifice have an advantage for Black? by PLaba 28
2 days ago
Chess Analysis. Please check if I missed something and give me tips by FirstWorldProblems1 2
2 days ago
I'm so proud of this weird opening that works.. any comment? by MawarBerdarah 14
2 days ago