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Best Game in history- Try and find a Blunder

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    Youtube Gundam unicorn ep 6 trailer. Then click the 43 second one. Your welcome brah

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    waffllemaster wrote:
    macer75 wrote:

    Ok, so is "bromalite" the general term for things made out of bromide?

    Yeah, now you got it

    Well... I don't see how a word like that is necessary. I mean, how many things in the world are there that are made of bromide? On the other hand, you can make all kinds of things from silver and brass, so "silverware" and "brasserie" are necessary. I know lots of people who have all kinds of silverware and brasserie at home, and I even know this one guy who has an entire brasserie collection!

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    Finally this thread is back. BUMP!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey letsgohome: Unfortunately, because of your untimely ban, you couldn't be nominated for the Oct. 2013 Chess.com Troll of the Month contest (look under my threads for more info). However, if u keep up the good work, I'd say that u definitely have a shot at winning the November contest. Nominations start on Nov. 15, so get ready!

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    JMB2010 wrote:

    Lol, I can't go a move without finding a blunder.

    lol !

  • 10 months ago · Quote · #107


    JMB2010 escribió:

    Uh oh, this guy again?

    I can see that you're still scared of him

  • 10 months ago · Quote · #108


    Wow, I just read through this thread. Some serious trolling went around here.

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