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I need a chess engine and I'm poor

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    Hi everyone,

    I need a chess engine I can run to evaluate my games and improve my gameplay. I can't afford Houdini so what other options are there that are free with a high analysis strength?

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    Houdini 1.5 is excellent and free.  You also need a GUI (graphic user interface).  I've heard Stockfish is a great engine too.  2 popular GUI's are Arena and Scid v. PC.  All can be downloaded from chess.com right here:


    I use an older version of Fritz (cheap) loaded up with Houdin 1.5a and HIARCS ($50) so I can't say anything  from personal experience about what's the best free stuff but try a "search forums" and you'll find lots of previous threads.  Have fun!

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    okay thanks!

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    Try Stockfish DD:


    It's stronger then Houdini 3 and almost equall to Houdini 4.

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    Yes Stockfish DD can also utilize eight cores (4 physical 4 virtual).  Beware since your mouse cursor will slow down if on at all cores so maybe 7 is best.  I have a Haswell i7 so it's the best current and reasonably priced processor.  It still doesn't find Staunton's objectively best Nh1!! unless I scroll past the move however. 

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