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    We can start with amateur-hour where I give you my 2 cents lechessplayer. I'm sure better players have better insight to give :)

    At move 11, you move your knight again unpressured. Feels like you at this point have time to develop your other bishop so you can start connecting your rooks and taking more controll of the board. When you castle at move 14. your rooks are still not connected.

    Also not sure I'm a big fan of your taking at move 15., he does get to push open your pawnstructure while his is intact.

    At Move 18, I don't like that pawn-advance. Sure, you balance the exchange, but I feel like you got lucky he didn't plant himself properly in that open file inside your king earlier (he finally does at move 26., but by then you've set up bishop to defend it).


    Still, a good game all in all.

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    thank you mrklin for your insight. i do appreciate it, but i also like to open up my pawn structure a bit (i know. stupid.) if i see a chance to take a (semi)open file. although that's just me. but thanks for your time! i really appreciate it!

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