1400 Rated Chess.com player wants to get to 1800 in 3 months w/ PLAN OF ACTION

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    Check the stats on the OP. He never got any better than average and probably hasn't been playing for months


    You're giving good advice to a ghost

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    People who set these kinds of goals often give up when they realize they can't accomplish it. It's a very superficial approach to playing chess (or doing anything really). Chess is cruel, so you only keep playing if you actually like the game, and not just after some number points...

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    I wonder whatever happened to our dear OP, he seemed so determined! At any rate, lots of fantastic advice here for someone who is at about the same skill level (I'm about 1375-1400 or so the chess app on my tablet informs me) and who also wants to step it up a few hundred points... however long it takes.

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    easy. you just sit there and do a thousand tactics. an hour or so every day for 3 months.

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