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blitz/bullet rating is the only thing that matters in internet chess

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    It all evens out as for as your opponents go.  If you take it seriously and play regularly then you can compare yourself to others on the same site.

    And things like your chesscube being much higher... well of course, everyone's chesscube is higher.

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    "To me, trying to say one rating matters more than another is just foolish.  It's all about how seriously you and your opponents take a certain type of game in a certain place."

    This is certainly a big thing. Truth be told, as about a 1700 blitz player at the moment, I could probably get to 1900-2000 in blitz after maybe a few weeks of really hard work specifically directed towards blitz (including opening choice). I don't know this for sure of course; I just know that shaping the knowledge you have in the right way can improve your results drastically, especially if you do it a lot. The same, to a lesser extent, applies to standard as well, although not in the same way since you have to make different kinds of adjustments.

    But I would never want to resign myself to doing the work and getting the 1900-2000 blitz rating, just so that I could see a nice large number and worship myself because of it. I just want to increase understanding and apply that to tournament chess because I think that's more satisfying in the end. Spending too much time building up the blitz rating means less time that can be spent on general chess study.

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    +1 @ elubas.

    Also too much blitz, IMO, hurts your ability to analyze... that is, if you play blitz enough to start really getting used to it and increasing your rating.

    If you did both blitz and tournaments often enough, it probably doesn't matter and you'd be good at both of them.  But as Elubas said that takes a lot more time.

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    Personally online blitz is not a good gage in showing a players strength or any online games, correspondence games. A real test to a player's true strength is rated over the board games, not online blitz or correspondence.


     My friend who is an expert is highest rating is 2017 uscf and highest quick rating is 1906 uscf. Is Current otb rating 2017 uscf and current quick rating 1843 uscf but is online chess.com is 2400 bullet. His otb winning persentage is 55.4 %.


    I am an expert and my highest otb rating was 2110 uscf and my highest quick rating 2029 uscf. Mine current rating is 2011 uscf and mine quick rating is 1958 uscf. My otb winning percentage is 71.3 %, I know how to win against strong experts and masters and below my rating.


     Who cares about some blitz online rating. some players boost like it is some great accomplishment.


    Online chess is only for fun and doesn't mean anything in terms in accomplishment any significant; come on correspondence grandmaster, I have more respect for uscf master.

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