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Chess: a game that's losing it's value?

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    That's what people said about Magic The Gathering and the Street Fighter video game franchise. Guess what. those two survived WOW, COD, runescape and Skyrim as well...

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    withineden wrote:

    I'm a senior in High school, and I have been playing chess with the timer and all in school with various of my former and current teachers. But the students that come in and out of the class look upon it as a ridiculous game, even calling it so.

    If your having fun with your friends and bonding with other people through chess and you love the game that's all that matters.

    Ignore the sneering types and people who say bad things about chess!

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    TacticalSymphony wrote:
    Victor-Servranckx wrote:

    A mondriaan sells for 10 million. Fischers game of the century is not worth a penny. How can a worthless game lose value? The only way is up.

    This is a joke, right?

    The Truth.

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    No surprise. Indeed it seems people don't even know Carlsen, Americans especially.

    Chess always attracts a crowd. When I was playing a casual game in school one time, another wanted to play, then another and yet another. In no time I was playing the 4 of them after some more boards had been brought in.

    Though honestly, chess and checkers at the same time is more challenging.

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    AndyClifton wrote:
    Aetheldred wrote:
    drahtseil, you are right, Garri is Kasparov's real name.

    lol...it's a transliteration.  There can be no talk of a "real" name here.

    It's Гáрри, and he preferred the transliteration "Gary."

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    Chess is a game one either falls in love with or takes no interest in.  I have never been a great player but since taking it up in the military I greatly enjoyed playing it.  You  can't make someone like chess anymore than you can make someone like baskeball or soccer.  The same applies to those who want to force women into playing in equal numbers as men.  Nothing more than politically correct claptrap. 

    If you like playing chess do so and don't worry about everyone else.

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