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Chess rating system

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    It is standard for all new players to recieve a 1200 rating= The fact is you have to keep that or a higher ratingSmile

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    whats the meaning of lvls in chess (i mean, how many elo points do i need to say "im kind good at this" or "im a totally nooby here"

    when i ask about chess lvl my friends just say "im good at this, but not like peopple who plays on internet" and thats like say nothing xD

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    Define good. Around 2000 I' say you are good. Thought from grand masters perspective you would be totally lost in the game.

    Less than 1000 is probabaly Nooby. Bitthen again different pools woul have different levels

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    Ich hatte einen seltsamen traum, Capablanca besuchte meine Tante, ich kam dazu---

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    this website is soooo fucking shit

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