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Chess rating system

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    watch you when you are cheating
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    I read the article that's great !

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    i don't like rating systems

    it divides people

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    yalwal_yeti wrote:

    i have played 10 min chess, (a lot) and have now upgraded to 15 min chess as I find I need a little extra time as I am not 21 any more. The funny thing is that on 15 min chess I can easily maintain a score of 1400, whereas on 10 min chess after heaps of games i seem to only get to 1250. I would rate a 15 min chess player of 1400 the same as a 10 min chess player of 1200, and that is after playing a lot of games. The quality of 15 min chess players seems lower for the same given score. Pretty sure its not me,,, its them

    I've found pretty much exactly the same - my live standard rating is much better than my live blitz. But I think I'm better at longer time controls. The more I think about it the more I think chess is a different game at different time controls. My strength isn't quick instinctive decisions about positions, probably because I don't have much experience and also I'm not 21 either. But I can make good use of more time when I have it in longer time controls.

    So I just stay away from blitz now - I don't play my best in it, I lose a lot and it demotivates me. But it's fine: 15:10 or longer is a good game for me and I like it :)

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    i play only more than 3 minutes if I am using my phone really, otherwise it is a waste of time as I don't take it seriously. But I play 1hr30min + 30min/40 otb though :D

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    rrichar wrote:

    Is there any chance it takes a few games after creating an account before one's rating settles? I ask as I won the majority of my games to around 1450 (off the top of my head) and now I'm around 1090. Since 1450 I've lost about 90% of my games. It's making me lose the will to play.

    Definately! My rating was similar - it shot up, then I had a losing streak and it came down and stayed down. When I look back at the history I was new on chess.com so my RD value was high so there was a big rating change for each game. And - just by chance - I played a lot of lower rated opponents, driving up my rating without me really deserving it.

    It's now stabilised and I think the current value is probably the real one. It's difficult to get your head round though.

    What I don't like is that the more you play the lower your RD value goes, so the less your rating changes for each game. So if I play a lot more chess one week, the games at the beginning of the week affect my rating much more than those at the end! The problem is that at the beginning of the week I play less well than at the end - but because the games at the end of the week are weighted less, the rating doesn't come back up enough to compensate for the losses early in the week. Also if I play a lot the RD comes down so much that each win/loss is only 7 points which I don't like.

    I don't know if I'll get used to it here after a bit longer, but sometimes I go and play on another site for a week or two while my RD value comes back up again and the site awards more points for gains/losses.

    (If you're not aware - RD controls how much your rating changes based on how confident the chess.com site is about your true rating. When you join chess.com your RD is high and your rating changes a lot with each game. The more you play, the lower RD goes. But if you stop playing on the site, it starts to rise again. You can see your current RD value in the stats on each game type - look for 'Glicko RD' on the left hand side.)

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    yo yo yo

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