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Chess rating system

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    joeyson wrote:

    wow ppl

    just play

    ratings dont even matter

    People do get obsessed with them, but they do tell us how well we are playing (which is an important feedback for improvement) and match players up (I like my rating to be "realistic" so I can get evenly matched games).

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    Usually the average Elo rating is 1200 so that's why chess.com starts you off with a 1200 blitz rating. 

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    While a "high rating" might be a motivation, be wary of the common chess pitfall of playing the "player" based on his/her rating.

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    I was taught the qeen was worth a meagre 9.

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    Ratings pair you up with people around your level (or so it should be without sandbaggers)

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    What's the approximate difference in ratings between two players that changes a match into a seal-clubbing session?

    In other words, what is generally considered an insurmountable rating (dis)advantage?

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