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Chess rating system

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    I'm convinced that the rating system has changed in the last week or so.  I have a guest account, and a premium account, and on both accounts I'm getting rating points super easy the last few days.  Somthing is different with the system.  Does anybody know if they have changed the rating system recently?

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    Can anyone tell me how ratings for different time controls stack up?  Like is it easier to get 1500 with 15/10 or 5/3?

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    Earlgrey, click on "play", then click on "Live games". Then on that page, do NOT click on "Play live chess". Scroll down to a square on the far right that has the following and click on "view players". That will lead you to graphs for each of the different time controls so you can judge for yourself which is easier and harder.

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    Hi folks!

    Maybe it's said before, but can someone explain to me how this ratingsystem works... Yesterday I had 1442 points. Today I loose against a fellow who has 1210 points (mea culpa!). And now I have 1428! And other times I win some games and I only get 1 point!

    I know this point-system actually is not that important, but I would like to know a least a little more about it...

    Thanks and good day.

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    Lady69 wrote:

    it depends on rating of your opponent.

    if opponent is higher rated, you gain lot of points if you win, and lose little points if you lose.

    if opponent is lower rated, you gain little points if you win, and lose lot of points if you lose.

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    Yes, I see..., thanks, Mersaphe!

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    This morning I had suddenly a rating jump of 150 points, without playing any match. I don't think it could be because of the ELO system, as I have played mored than 300 games and normally the increase is about 10 max. Do you have some info about this? Thanks!

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    I noticed the same thing with my live(standard) rating this morning, toupper.

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    I'm 1669 and that is not possible since I'm 1550 last week.

    What's happrning?

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    Weird. My live standard rating dropped down to 1667 from a high of 1889 or some such. I haven't played in several months. Maybe they're doing something with the RD?

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    Also in this thread http://www.chess.com/forum/view/livechess/huge-rating-jump

    It seems like there is no pattern in the increases, so all points to a server bug (mistake)

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    happened to me too. last time I had a 1450 chess.com rating and after I logged in today I had 1600. I just won against a 1580 player :D

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    1295 to 1445 without playing any games. I'm just a natural chess genius I guess. Laughing

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    Explanation for the Live Standard rating boost:


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    Well it's nice to be an "expert" here and this is at least consistent with my last CFC OTB rating, but I don't really agree with the approach.  The problem is the resulting skewed distribution so far as I am concerned.  I think the entire pool should have been adjusted by a mathematical procedure to make the new mean rating about 1500 with a 300 point standard deviation.  That would put the top 1% at 2200 and up, which was what Arpad Elo originally designed.  No doubt the distribution will even itself out over time but a little more sophisticated approach would be an improvement in my opinion.

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    MickyBJ wrote:

    Why then did I go down from 1200 (to 1361) when I beat someone who has a rating above 1200 (1089)?? Admittedly don't have time to read the article... but hoping someone knows how this works anyway!

    1361 is higher than 1200

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    can this game be offline?

    i want to practice this at my computer.

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    Can someone please explain why ratings weren't given a flat tax? 

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