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Class A player, how many hours to become one?

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    I do not know if you read the tip to TDs, I_am_Second, but they USCF urges a LOT of leniency on enforcement of this policy, as so many are used to doing it this way.

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    I believe the reasoning is that it is technically "note taking" (which I can see if you change your mind and write something else).  I used to do it myself but then I realized my opponents could literally see what I was thinking.  So, I started writing my move after I moved and hit the clock so I could do it on my opponent's time.  If my opponent writes their move first, I couldn't be bothered with complaining to the TD although you can technically do that.

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    I write my move after I tap my clock. I don't mind when my opponent writes their move down.

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    I_Am_Second wrote:
    Jimmykay wrote:
    AKAL1 wrote:

    Really? I believe that was only for electronic score sheets, to dissuade players from playing out variations on their devices.

    See 15a, and this was made to be in line with FIDE, so this should answer Ziryab's question as well.


    Ill be darned...I write the move down first, and no one has ever said anything.  I dont see how this is "cheating" or what the reason is behind this change.  Until someone says something I will continue to write the move down first.

    If you go to page 11 of the pdf, you'll see that there's a "15A. (Variation I) Paper scoresheet variation."

    "The player using a paper scoresheet may first make the move, and then write it on the scoresheet, or vice versa. This variation does not need to be advertised in advance. The scoresheet shall be visible to the arbiter (tournament directors) and the opponent throughout the game."

    The wording is a little unclear, but I'm interpreting it to mean that the TD can allow this variation in a tournament if he wants to, and it doesn't have to be advertised in advance. I'd be surprised if any TDs didn't allow this 15A variation. So chances are very good that if you're using a paper scoresheet, you can continue to write the move down first without worrying too much about the issue.

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    huh, didn't know that.

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