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Common Chess terms I CANNOT STAND

  • 15 months ago · Quote · #81


    r_k_ting wrote:

    Q: What's the shortest sentense in the English language?

    A: 1. e4!

    You mean "1.e4 ??" ?


  • 15 months ago · Quote · #82


    gundamv wrote:

    "Horsey" instead of "Knight".  Sounds like a baby.

    Steed is the preferred term.

  • 15 months ago · Quote · #83


    It's no worse than the phrase "quantumm leap"


  • 15 months ago · Quote · #84


    Another one I hate is "go" as a verb meaning "make a move" or "play", as in "is ready to go e4", which I'm copying from an article in this month's New In Chess.

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