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continuing opening when opponent doesnt follow?

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    At last someone paid attention to the actual game, LOL!

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    At least 1 reviewer has compared Paul van der Sterren's FCO (Fundamental Chess Openings) to Reuben Fine's classic calling it essentially an updated and expanded version of the same theme.  It seems to be the current gold standard in opening encyclopedias that explain, rather than just list moves. As MusicalHair mentioned, the 4 volume Chess Opening Essentials is also excellent but only for those with deeper pockets.  I have them all and use them as a go to reference when encountering a new opening in correspondence chess.  Of course to really get into any opening you need to hit the databases as well, and I suppose on expert and above buy books on whatever opening you need to research.

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    I'd be careful about calling FCO updated. For example, people in the know know (where did I learn English?) that Morozevich introduced the ...Nge7 plan for black in the Albin Countergambit around 2005. Yet there is no mention of it in FCO, even though it was a major contribution to the Albin theory.

    [Disclaimer: I do not employ the Albin on regular basis.]

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