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Does chess yield the largest meaningful finite number?

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    How Is Chess Meaningful in the sense of Mathematics?

    It isn't.

    Sure it's all relative.

    But you tell me, how this even matters?

    If I give you the answer would you become instantly a better chess player? No you wouldn't.

    Maybe over time but not right away.

    Go train. Get better.

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    I don't compare Go to captcha. But I point out that the human mind has such hard coded abilities (like image recognition) in which it is still better than computers. Go is like a mosaic picture and to make sense of it on larger boards where simple tree search gets too costly for computers may be easier for humans.

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    Lucidish_Lux wrote:
    sapientdust wrote:
    Lucidish_Lux wrote:


    You're right, of course. It's still the only explanation I've ever been able to use to get anyone who's not a mathematician or physicist to understand the differences between infinities.

    One reason I like this site as opposed to sites based on my other hobbies - you don't see discussions about the different kinds of infinities much on the woodworking sites, or the combinatorial stuff like "how many rectangles on a chess board" - just doesn't seem to come up for some reason. (P.S. I was a Math and Physics Major)

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    what about this

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