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Hi, beginnner questions. Help me please :)

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    Thanks for all the comments, really I am genuinely impressed with this site. 1/20 trolls isn't bad at all, and I have had lots of friendly messages. I will take on board everything that has been said. I realise I skipped a lot; easy to do when you learn only from the internet. I will go to scratch and learn principles before trying to get into actual openings etc.


    @pawnstogo, I'm not entirely sure why you think I can't literally read the notation. All I said was that I find it difficult and it takes me time. The 'not being able to read the langauge' analogy is incorrect as I speak multiple langauges.


    Not to become a keyboard warrior though, thanks for the tips and hopefully I learn to not get hammered by the beginner computer, ha.

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    1. No. 

    2. No. 

    3. Not gonna touch that it'd take too long.

    4. Yes. 

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