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How much have you REALLY improved?

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    Immryr wrote:

    my rating is still going up so i need to readdress my expectations: 1400 by december, grandmaster by spring time!

    I hate to tell you this but it just won't happen. 1400 by december, sure, that's tomorrow, but GM in a year or less from then is completely unrealistic. I've never heard of that happening, anywhere.

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    900 to gm in six months, no problem.

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    i lost a couple of games :[ putting off grandmaster title till summer.

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    When i was here my Online chess rating dropped to 850-900... but this great website tools and daily practice made my rating what i have today- 1570 (unless you counted my recetnt timeouts ,, still its 1514...) :D 

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    after losing 3 games from strong positions today (two of the from a piece up :I) i foughbt back and broke through the 1400 barrier! i'm pretty pleased with myself, from 900 to 1400 in four months is a pretty decent improvement i reckon. here's to hoping i don't hit "the wall" soon, although i'm sure it will come at some point.

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    Playing a great number of vc games (more than 60, which means I have at least 5 or 6 moves to discuss and play every day) has given me the kind of training I needed : seeing patterns faster, being able to play a move without always knowing the "history" of the game (but I can check it if I want to), and of course reading and participating in the discussions. The advice was given to me by a high rated player, and never have I progressed as much.

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    I have improved from 900 ish to 1122 in 3 weeks.I think thats pretty decent.Anywas heres what i used -1.Chess Tempo Tactics

                                                        2.Chess mentor free courses-FREE Chess Mentor Courses! - Chess.com    

                                                        3.Improved my thought process

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