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I Feel if your not buy the membership the put you against the computer

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    qrayons wrote:

    Has anyone really been so far as to do look more like?

    Has anyone ever been so far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

    That is a good question.

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    lets go greed , you have a lot of members  , advertisng money , now you hava a lot of paying members, advertising money and more money , anyways it just a feeling sometimes its just weird how people act they dont seem to be humans  it the internet  im actually thinking in buying the membership 

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    "greed" ? I don't think so, how else can erik make money for his staff and family and the set up for the website and running it ?

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    you are saying they have a motivation to do whatever it takes to make money  kco ? i say they do i would do the same thing bussines is bussines 

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    im no saying im losing im just saying....i've played that many games .... wow .. thats why i know when im playing against a human being 

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    All I can suggest carlosalberto is to be sure to read this topic in the morning when you're sober.  You'll probably have a good laugh at yourself Tongue Out

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    Carlos, no offense was meant about your language use.  I struck me funny the combination of words you used.  There is an old internet joke about mangled English in translated Japanese video games: "All your base belong to us!" -- is the number one example.  Apologies.

    I have played some 9000+ live chess and yes, some computer cheaters, but I would not say chess.com does this outside of trying to catch cheaters too.  I think. Tongue Out

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    Sand gravy ham beans what the carpet salmon shoot.

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    DethronerOfKings wrote:


    The big secret: it is the backside of the Sun.

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    "hello monkeysocks!

    to get where you're headed, your best bet is to follow your rubber duck, go right past the christmas tree and then you need ...

    hang on let me think ...

    yeah you wanna follow your saxophone til you reach the y-fronts and then bob's your teapot!

    all right, ice cream cone ?"

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    Submarine code 12897AQ3.903761yxZ

    Going to a Transylvanian forest via hovercraft with Kermit, the Zodiac killer and Kylie Minogue.

    I am uptight, upbeat, downcast, deadbeat, lost in space and in your street.

    Meet me at the corner of the graveyard and the candy bar. The bird flies east.

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    The sealion just needs some underarm deoderant.

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    Seek Wisdom of Cubic Life

    Intelligence - or you die evil.


    Evil God Believers refuse to

    acknowledge 4 corner Days

    rotating simultaneously around

    4 quadrant created Earth -

    in only 1 rotation, voiding the

    Oneism Evil 1 Day 1 God.

    You worship Satanic impostor

    guised by educators as 1 god.


    No 1 God equals 4 - 24 hour

    Days Rotating Simultaneously

    within 1- 24 hour Rotation of

    4 quadrant created Earth.

    Ignoring 4 Corner Earth Days

    will Destroy Evil Humanity.

    I am organizing Children to

    join "Cubic Army of 4 Days"

    to convert Evil 1 Day Adults

    to 4 Day mentality existence,

    to serve perpetual humanity.


    "Nothing on Earth more Evil

    than a human educated as 1,

    when composed of opposites

    that cancel out as an entity."

    In fact, man is the only 1 Evil,

    and will soon erase himself by

    ignoring Cubic 4 Day Creation.

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    Somebody set up us the bomb! 



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    Pelikan_Player wrote:

    Do you remember when newspapers sold for 25 cents? 

    There are two of those 25 cents newspapers here in Belo Horizonte. The Real is about a half Dollar, so it is like US$ 0,12. 

    The cover is almost allways in the same format, with a Sport's news, a brutal crime and a half-naked woman. Luckly to them, Brazil never runs out of those 3 things. 

    When I got to this city, in 2007, I was amazed by the low price and bought one. Soon I realized it was not worth even 5 cents. 

    By the way, those newspapers are perharps the only thing that still has the same price it had in 2007. 

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    I don't know what's worse: your use of language, or the content.

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    I think all newspapers should go digital but sadly here the cost of digital is more than the actual paper ! doh !

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    Sadly, I took the time to read through these 3 pages of posts for something interesting alas, nothing...

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    carlosalberto_98 wrote:

    im sorry , i didn't think people actually read this, sorry for my english, it seems that everybody speak the language better than i do, what i meant is :  Sometimes i feel that i'm playing against the computer, its like chess.com match you against the computer just to make buy the membership, and the computer acts like really bad manners player, sorry again for my english i know here everybody is perfect and grandmasters 


    Sorry for the jokes about the bad English then. If I had understood, I would have made jokes about what is worth doing it.

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    Well Carlos....in that respect. I find it "interesting", that when you started to lose, your play became blazing fast and perfectly accurate. Probably just coincidence though. Have a good day

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