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i have not found a chess teacher

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    CM StormGiant, maybe when I was at seventeen and had a chance to become a GM. And now being an expert is not to bad for me and maybe a little more study I get to USCF master. Thank you for asking. BTW,what is your dad title?

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    returnofxpchesser wrote:
    pt22064 wrote:

    Playing skill and teaching skill are distinct.  Just because someone is a GM or has a high rating does not necessarily mean that he/she would be a good coach/teacher.  Your coach should know more than you do, but that does not even necessarily mean that your coach must have a higher rating.  Notably, once you get to a certain level, your coach almost necessarily will have a lower rating.  (For example, who could possibly coach Carlsen given that he is higher rated than everyone else.)  At the highest levels, your coach is there more to help you with a training regiment, giving you advice on how to study, and perhaps teaching you about the psychology of the game.  For many GMS, their coaches likely can't beat them (at least not consistently), but nevertheless their coaches provide value.

    Focusing too much on titles or ratings is a bad way to choose a coach.  It's more important that the coache communicate well and is good at evaluating your strengths/weaknesses, your playing style and your learning style.  If your coach can help you improve, it does not matter if your coach has a low rating.

    you my friend is wrong i just recently had a lesson with this master player

    which is a womens grandmaster.


    HERE IS an example i played her, the lesson i had with her was very horrible, she missed to many things in the game and i had a chance. all she did in her lesson was just type on her computer and not showing me no critical points of the position at all.



    this is the reason why i choose grandmaster coaches because they actually show your mistakes with in depth analysis, obvious the player rate 2100 did not know how to plan things out and just made bad moves.


    in her lesson all she did was consume her time by not saying anything. even with the homework she gave me it was not in pgn format.

    After revieweing this game, and your "ANALYSIS"

    1. You obviously dont know the Catalan, but still criticize what you dont know

    2. Your biggest weakness, is your own conceit/low self esteem. 

    I understand this will fall on deaf ears, but i hope at some point, you will take notice.

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    To the OP: you do realize that almost all your comments about your game with the WGM are complete nonsense, don't you?

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