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I just lost to a player 440 points higher than me. Any suggestions?

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    on how i can study and improve my game? This was a 15 minute match with no incriment

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    Look at the moves that don't seem normal.

    16. Ng5 - Why would a better player allow your bishop to attack their queen and rook?  Follow the path of that piece.  It later went to e4, d6, and b7 capturing 3 pawns.

    28...Rxa3 - Seems like an obvious mistake.  Sacrificing a rook here doesn't seem wise.  I think you were hoping for a queen trade.  Instead, I think you should have focused on Ne6.  So, to avoid the rook capture (assuming that's bad too) I would have played e4 and if knight or bishop took, then you would just be down a pawn in a trade.  However, there is that stubborn d pawn that is advancing.  So, rewind, how did it get in a good place to advance?

    7...Qa5 - I would have played e6 to help fight off the advance.  You lost momentum on your right side and then moved the queen over.  I think it is better to decide where exactly you want the queen early on in the game and not move it unless there is an expected attack you know how to deal with. 

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    The toungue-in-cheek suggestion is to not play people rated 440 points higher than you.  Wink

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    I no longer give White the chance to play a King's Indian after 1 c4.  1 ...e5 is just fine for Black - no, you don't have to transpose into a "Sicilian Reversed" line.  1 c4 e5  2 Nc3 Nc6  3 g3 g6  4 Bg2 Bg7 5 d3 d6 6 Nf3 and now Black can choose between the solid ...Nf6, the aggressive ...f5, or hedge his bets with ...Nge7.  White has nothing, basically.

    No measurable space advantage with a central d4-d5, no Queenside advantage, no nothing.


    The way you played seems okay until ...Bg4.  There isn't really a point, of course White plays Qd3, a strong and useful move.  Instead, just ...Bh3 and trade the LSBs if you are determined to attack the King, and why invest all those moves with ...Qd8-a5-h5 etc. if you aren't attacking. 

    Once White plays 1 c4, there should be no question of allowing him to transpose back into a 1 d4 line where he has reasonable chances of creating an advantage. 

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