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If chess players are so smart why they are not millionaires/billionaires?

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    Nope, smart does not = money. People with super high IQ's may be janitors. And people with lower IQ's can make fortunes being a doctor.

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    I just suddenly had the idea of starting a forum called

         "Chess Players:  Are They Competitive in Other Areas, Too?"

    Then I started thinking about the inevitable exchanges:  "Yes, we Are!" -- "No we're Not!"  "Well, You just proved You Are!" "Well, You're just ... a Stupid-Head!  "No, I'm not -- You are!"

    -- I got enough laughs from just thinking about it, so now I don't need to start the forum.  Well, that's a time-saver. ;-)

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    Sorry, that was off topic.  Back to the discussion...

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