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If ratings didn't exist, would you still study and play chess as much as you do?

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    Competitive spirit is a great asset in chess.

    However, it might be helpful if you look at ratings not as a goal, but as a reflection of your progress.

    This way you can focus that competitive spirit more appropriately on individual games rather than your ongoing ever present rating.

    You might also get more sleep which will lead to more energy for kissing pretty girls.Laughing

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    This talk of ratings always makes me think of an old Benjamin Franklin saying: "take care of the pennies, and the dollars will take care of themselves."

    Chesswize, this could be put - Take care of the game and the ratings will take care of themselves.

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    Haha good advice! Thank you ! :)

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    "chess ladders at work"

    What kinda great job do you have that you get to play chess with your co-workers?

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    Heck yes. Chess is fun.

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    I'm overrated Frown

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