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Isin't resigning being a sore loser?

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    People give up too easily.  Stay and fight your hardest, being behind will force you to learn more about positions, piece potential and give you a good look at end game play; and because the other person feels super confident, with a little ingenuity you might be able to get them in a trap.

      Also if the game is so far gone, it should only take a few moves to mate, and this is a learning oppertunity as well for leader, to visualize new mates.

    However if a person is not trying their best and just wasting time, resign.  Resign to be polite, not to cry.  If you think you have a chance go ahead and give it your best.

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    There are few absolutes, if any, in life and chess.  A resignation wears many faces.  In a few cases the face is that of a sore loser.  Most often it is the face of a good sport who symbolicly reaches out with a congratulatory handshake and a 'gg' attitude.  I am of the latter.  I'd rather get on to the next match than plod along 'pushing wood'.  For those of you who delight in  winning a won game by figuring out the mate.......play the computer provided by chess.com.....it won't resign and will give you the pleasure of making all the moves you want to get to mate.

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