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Macintosh Chess Database

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    bladezii wrote:
    Estragon wrote:
    KBachler wrote:
    Estragon wrote:

    One of these days some genius will design a database program for Macs, call it "iChessbase" or something like that, overcharge horribly for it, and issue a new version every year with minimal changes but some cosmetic updates.

    He'll get filthy rich, too.

    There ALREADY ARE two or three chess databases for Macs.  ExaChess from Australia is one.  Hiarcs Chess Explorer is another.


    Above, James Coons mentions others

    I know that.

    BUT they omitted the key "i-" prefix, which is like a dog whistle signal to Apple devotees to open their purse-strings.

    This ˆˆ

    While quite funny, the real problem is that none of them are available on the App store. 

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    i managed to install chessbase on my mac with "wine".. the problem is that i don't know how to install the databases on it. When i look for the files in the program i have totally different folders than in my computer. i tried to put the files under the folder "wine files" and even inside the chessbase program directly, nothing seems to work :o

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    ok, some databases i can put in but those from chessbase come in a .exe file :o

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