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magnus carlsen= u.s open

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    TetsuoShima wrote:
    ivandh wrote:
    Kingpatzer wrote:

    So, ratings don't count and head-to-head results don't count. What pray tell does count? 

    Half-baked opinions of patzers are what counts.

    but seriously do you really want to tell me that the rating of Ivanchuk really were a true mirror of his chess strenght for example??? i dont think so.


    Ratings do not measure "strength" and were never intended to.  They measure results only.  In that, if there are sufficient games to be a statistically significant sample (which there are of all GMs), they are a 100% accurate measure.

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    Yereslov wrote:
    netzach wrote:

    To be fair, Nakamura at his best is God-like.


    And God, at His best, is Carlsen-like.

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