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Most agressive openings for black?

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    What openings do you know in which black fights for the advantage, not for boring equality? I want something very aggressive, but not things like Latvian Gambit, which are unsound. Is Sicilian really black's best chance for the win against 1.e4?

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    Yes, the sicilian defense is blacks best chance to win against 1.e4, statistically. However, at our level (<2000) its best just to stick to the openings that we first learn because a lot of moves are mistakes. If you want to learn an agressive opening for fun then I do reccomend looking at the open sicilian. It is by far my favourite opening especially in the najdorf where white castles queen side. I have had many games where I am at the edge of my seat and eyes glued to the screen because of all the attacking chances from both sides. When you win its all the better from all the tension. Players like Fischer and Kasparov have played beautiful games with the najdorf. 

    Good luck if you choose to play the sicilian!!

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    my personal love is sicilian for fighting and benoni/nimzo indian for fighting.

    i don't want some 2400 guy to come over and say this isn't true, since i am talking about amateur level.

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    I don't know why, it's not the strongest, but I fell in love with the Smith-Morra version of the Sicilian......not everyone is familiar with it, I guess, cause I have a lot of fun with it. Comments, please.....remember, I'm in the 100-1200s so not very "booked up" plus I'm 75yrs old.

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    french winawer variation

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    I think there's a difference between objectively "best" and functionally playable, and until you are playing really really strong opponents who know a lot of lines are and likely anyhow to calculate the very best moves, you can find many ideas that are effective.  

    Nigel Short pulls out a slick win with a Bronstein-Larsen variant of the Caro-Kann here:   http://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessgame?gid=1628507


    Is this black's best opening, objectively?  Probably not.   But it's super dangerous and highly tactical, so a guy might choose to play it if he's that kind of player.    

    It's certainly not boring.  

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    my criteria for cjhoosing openings are: no drawish lines and must be fully sound. 

    hence the openings i don't like are:

    1. french (have fun winning the exchange variation)

    2. e5 (4 knights)

    3. caro kann (there are white chickens that refuse to play h4 h5 in the mainline). @ unmaster i don't think bronstein offers are highly tactical position- white has free development and so does black. (space advantage and doubled pawns)

    4. scandinavian/pirc-i am not sure these are fully sound. i mean there are sound lines but those that try to get an imbalance gives advantage to white. 

    @NFork- I know there are loads of cases where fights can be made with the openings i don't play anymore but occasionally you will run into this opponent who won't give you chances to win unless you mess up your own position. 

    the best opening is of course the bongcloud: http://www.chess.com/livechess/game?id=579512071

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