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My Chess Book Library

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    Here is my list of books from my library. I am interested in swapping titles.

    Opening Books


    A Killer Chess Opening Repertoire –Summerscale

    The Chess Advantage in Black & White- Kaufman

    Winning with the Najdorf –King

    Complete Defense to Queen Pawn Openings Schiller

    Winning with the Schliemann –Tseitlin

    Dutch Defense: New and Forgotten Ideas-Minev, Donaldson

    Complete Defense to 1.Pk4(A study of the Petroff’s Defense) –Hooper

    Complete Defense to King Pawn Openings: Caro-Kann –Schiller

    The Ruy Lopez: Winning Chess with 1. PK4 –Barden

    The Benoni –hartston

    The Modern Defence –Keene, Botterill

    The King’s Indian Defense-Barden,Hartston, Keene

    The Siclian Defense Book1 –Gligoric, V. Sokolov

    The Siclian Dragon –Levy

    The Sicilian Sozin – Kottnauer, Botterill, Harding

    Ideas behind the Chess openings-Fine

    Caro-Kann Defence- Suetin

    The Classical Caro-Kann-Kasparov, Shakarov

    The Gruenfeld Defence-Hartston

    The Dynamic Caro-Kann –Silman

    The Meran System –Pedersen

    The Slav Defense –Sadler

    The Ultimate King’s Indian Attack –Dunnington

    Starting out: Benoni Systems –Raetsky,Chetverik

    Winning with the Gruenfeld –Adorjan, Dory

    The Complete benoni –Psakhis

    An Unbeatable White repertoire –Evans, Smith

    Trends: Benko Gambit –Jacobs

    Nunn’s Chess openings-Nunn,Burgess,Emms,Gallagher

    The Chigorin Queens Gambit –Dunningtopn

    B12 Caro-Kann –Seirawan

    The Sicilian Scheveningen –Kasparov,Nikitin

    The Grand Prix Attack –Lane

    The Ruy Lopez Exchange –Panczyk, Ilczuk

    How to play the Albin Counter Gambit- Schiller

    New Ideas in the Four Knights –Nunn

    Mystery of Najdorf – Raicevic,Jukic,Boto

    Chess Informant No. 2, 20,21

    New In Chess No. 80

    Open Ruy Lopez C80-81 –Korchnoi

    Chess openings traps and zaps –Pandolfini

    Winning with the closed Sicilian –Lane

    Surveys: 34 Opening Variations

    • The Complete Grunfeld- Suetin
    • The Contemporary Anti- Dutch –Martin
    • Winning with the Ruy Lopez Exchange- Soltis
    • Grob’s Attack – Bill Wall
    • The Sicilian Defence- Gufeld
    • French Defence, Tarrasch Variation C05-06 – Bareev
    • Open Ruy Lopez – Flear
    • The …a6 Slav –Flear
    • 101 Chess Opening Surprises –Burgess
    • The Scandanavian Defence-Plaskett
    • Starting out: 1.d4! –Cox
    • The Scandanavian –Emms
    • Winning with the Cole System –Smith ,Hall
    • How to open a chess game-Evans,Gligoric
    • French Defence: Steinitz, Classical & Other System –Psakhis
    • Chess Openings For Black Explained- ALburt,Dzindzichashvili
    • Chess Opening for White Explained –“             
    • Mastering the French –Harley,Mcdonald
    • Play 1.e4 e5!: A complete Repertoire for black in the open games-Davies
    • Winning with the Nimzoindian-Keene
    • The Complete King’s Indian –Keene, Jacobs
    • Practical Chess openings-Fine
    • Starting Out: Closed Sicilian –Pallisser
    • Play the Nimzo-Indian Defence-Gligoric
    • Sicilian Defence B86-87-Beliavsky ,Mikchalchishin
    • The Essential Center-Counter-Martin
    • Understanding the Chess openings:The Queen’s Indian –Soltis
    • The Nimzo-indian Rubinstein- Dunnington
    • Mastering the Spanish-King, Ponzetto
    • Queen’s Indian Defence –Efim Geller
    • Starting out: Modern Benoni-Vegh
    • Beating the Anti-King’s Indian: Gallagher
    • The Complete Pirc-Nunn
    • The New Classical King’s Indian-Nunn ,Burgess
    • The Open Spanish-Krasenkov
    • The HedgeHog-Suba
    • The Gambit-Yudovich
    • Starting out 1.e4: A Reliable Reportiore for the Improving Player –Mcdonald
    • The Trompowsky –Davies
    • How to play the English opening –Povah
    • Mastering the King’s Indian Defence-Bellin,Ponzetto
    • Mastering the Modern Benoni & Benko Gambit –Bellin, Ponzetto
    • Trends in the Advance French Vol. 2 –Wade
    • Understanding the Leningrad Dutch-Beim
    • Queen’s Gambit Accepted- Neishtadt
    • The Complete Sveshnikov Sicilian –Yakovich

    Strategy ,Tactics, Studies books


    Grandmaster Secrets: Endings –Soltis

    Granmaster Secrets : Openings –Soltis

    Chess Fundamentals –Capablanca, de Firmian

    Analyzing th end game –Speelman

    The Middle game Book 1 –Euwe,Kramer

    My System –Nimzovich

    Turning Advantage into victory in chess –Soltis

    Winning Chess Tournaments for juniors –Snyder

    The Middle Game in chess –Fine

    200 Challenging Chess Puzzles –Greif

    Combinations The Heart of Chess-Chernev

    The King Hunt –Cozens

    Development of a chessmaster-Schiller

    The Final Countdown- Hajenius,van Riemsdijk

    Practical Knight Endings – Mednis

    Practical Chess Endings: Keres

    Chess Endings Essential Knwoledge – Averbakh

    The Chess Sacrifice –Vukovic

    303 Tactical Chess Puzzles-Wilson,Albertson

    Master The Game of Chess – Sehgal

    Winning with chess Psychology –Benko, Hochberg

    From Beginner to expert in 40 Lessons –Kostyev

    Training For the Tournamnet Player-Dvoretsky,Yusupov

    How to play good opening moves-Mednis,Hochberg

    Chess Catechism –Evans

    Alexander on Chess –Alexander

    The Art of Defense In Chess- SOltis

    The Art of Positional Play –Reshevsky,Hochberg

    3 Steps To Chess Mastery –Suetin

    Attack & Defence in Modern Chess Tactics-Pachman

    The Art of Chess –MASon

    Easy Endgame Stategies – Robertie

    The 10 Common Chess Mistakes –Evans

    A World Champions Guide to Chess –Susan Polgar

    Chess Tactics For Champions –Susan Polgar

    Guide to Good Chess – Purdy

    # Teach Yourself Visually Chess –Edwards

    *Complete Chess Strategy 1 -3 –Pachman

    *Chess Master vs. Chess Amateur-Euwe, Meiden

    Master Class Typical Mistakes –Mcdonald

    Mastering Chess Tactics –Mcdonald

    The Complete Idiot’s Guide  to Chess –Wolf

    Comprehensive Chess Endings 1 -5 – Averbakh,Maizelis,Kopaev,Chekover

    Chess For Beginners –Horowitz

    Chess Board Magic –Chernev

    Planning in Chess- Flesch

    Chess for Fun & Chess for blood- Ed Lasker

    Chess Endings Made Simple –Snape

    Wining Chess –Chernev, Reinfeld

    Inside the Chess Mind-Aagaard

    Secrets  of Rooks Endings-Nunn

    Understanding Chess Move by move –Nunn

    Improve Your Chess now- Tisdall

    New Ideas In Chess –Evans

    Winning Chess Tactics For Juniors –Hays

    Chess Endings For the practical player

    School of Chess Excellence VOl. 1 to 4 –Dvoretsky

    Secrets of Chess Training –Dvoretsky

    Attack and Defense- Yusupov, Dvoretsky

    The Middle Game book 2 –Euwe,Kramer

    Play Like a GM –Kotov

    Think Like a Gm –Kotov

    Train Like a GM –Kotov

    The Soviet School of Chess- Kotov, Yudovich

    A Contemporary Approach to the Middlegame –Suetin

    Plan Like a GM –Suetin

    Understanding the Sacrifice-Dunnington

    Chess Endgame training –Rosen

    Pandolfinis’ Endgame Course –Pandolfini

    How to use Computers to Improve Your Chess –Kongsted

    Understanding Pawn play in chess –Marovich

    The Art of Chess Combination- Znosko-Borovsky

    The Soviet Chess Conveyor-Shereshevsky

    The Art of planning in chess-Mcdonald

    Defence and Counterattack- Florian

    Why You lose at chess –harding

    How to calculate chess tactics-Beim

    The Art of Attack in chess –Vukovic

    The brilliant touch in chess –Korn

    Winning Chess Tactics –Seirawan,Silman


    Biographical Books

    Chess At the top 1979 to 1984 –Karpov

    Beyond the 13th Move –Torre

    Gary Kasparov’s Fighting Chess-Kasparov,Speelman,Wade

    My Best Games of Chess 1935-1957-Smyslov

    Reshevsky’s Best games of chess- Reshevsky

    Jon Speelman’s Best Games of Chess – Speelman

    Devlopment of a GM –Adams

    Morphy’s Game of Chess –Sergeant

    The Chess Games of Adolph ANderssen –Burnett,Pickard

    John Nunn’s Best Games –Nunn

    Chess Praxis –Nimzovich

    Nimzovich –The Hypermodern –Reinfeld

    Grandmaster Achievement –Polugaevsky

    Mikhail Tal’s Best Games of Chess –Clarke

    The Closed Openings in action –Karpov

    The Development of A Chess Style –Euwe,Nunn

    My Life and Games –Kramnik,Damsky

    My 300 Best Games –Karpov

    The Games of Anatoly Karpov –O’conel,Adams

    My Best games of chess VOl 1 1908 -1923 –Alekhine

    100 Instructive games of Alekhine –Reinfeld

    CJS Purdy;s Fine art of Annotation Vol. 1 to 3 –Purdy

    My 60 Memorable Games –Fischer

    Learn from Bobby Fischer’s Games –Schiller

    How to beat Bobby Fischer –Mednis

    Bobby Fischer: from genius to legend –Gufeld

    Profile of A Prodigy –Brady

    How Fischer Plays Chess- Levy

    Bobby Fischer and His approach to chess-Agur

    The Immortal Games of Capablanca –Reinfeld

    The Art of Sacrifice in chess –Rudolph Spielman

    Botinnik’s 100 Selected Games 1926-1946 –Botvinnik

    Kasparov’s VOl. 1-6 –Chess Asia

    Tigran Petrosian: His life and Games –Vasiliev

    Spassky’s 100 Best Games –Cafferty

    The Games of Robert James Fischer – O’Connell

    Kasparov’s Chess Openings-Borik

    #Achieving the aim –Botvinnik

    Interview with a GM –Summerscale

    My best Games –Karpov

    A Memorial to Steinitz –Devide

    The Test of Time –Kasparov

    My 50 Years of Chess- Marshall

    Fire on Board: Shirov’s Best Games – Shirov

    Why Lasker Matters-SOltis

    The Blockade-Nimzovich

    William Steinitz:Selected Chess Games –Devide,Hooper

    My Chess Carrer-Capablanca

    Anatoly Karpov: His road to the world championship –Botvinnik

    The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal- Tal, Nunn,Chandler

    Gary Kasparov:His career in chess-Yudovich

    Tigran Petrosian : Master of Defense 1946 to 1963 –Clarke

    Aron Nimzovitch: Master of planning –Keene


    Chess Matches,Tournaments,Collections

    Best of Chess 1988 – 1995 Game sof Worlds top ten –Chess Asia

    World Championship Chess 1990 Cycle-Chess asia

                                                 1993 Cycle –Chess asia

    Fischer vs Spassky 5M illion Comback –Davies,Pein,Levitt

                          “ The Chess Match of the Century –Gligoric

    Best Chess Games 1970 -1980 –Speelman

    The GM’s Mind –Avni

    The Golden treasury of Chess- Horowitz

    1992 Fischer –Spassky 10:5 – Matanovich

    Moscow Marathon 1984/1985 World Chess Ch. –Speelman,Tisdal

    World Champion from Ruy Lopez to Fischer –Santos,Ramirez,Valdez

    5 Crowns: The Complte Karpov- Kasparov Duel –Seirawan,Tisdal

    World  Chess Championship 1995:Kasparov vs. ANand: King

    The World Chess Championship 1948-1969 –Glogoric,Wade

    Great Chess Victories and Defeats –Byrne

    500 Master games of Chess- Tartakover

    Zurich Int’l Chess Tournament 1953 –Bronstein

    The book of the Nottingham Int’l Chess Tournamnet –Alekhine

    The 1974 Canidates Semi-finals –Santos, Ramirez, Mendez

    The Leningrad Interzonal 1973 –Torre,De Castro

    Interzonal Chess Biel 1993 –Chess Asia

    Interzonal Chess Manila 1990 –Chess ASias

    World Chess Olpympiade 1988,1990,1992,1996 –Chess Asia

    Various Tournament books from 1988 to 1997 ( Iceland, Spain, Belgium, France,)

    # Chess Match between Steinitz and Blackburne –Steinitz

    Folkstone 1933 Int’l Team Chess Tournament –Kashdan

    Trophy Chess: Lessing Rosenwald Tournament -1954 -1955 –Evans

    The World Chess Crown Challenge:Kasparov –Karpov Seville 1987 –Bronstien

    2nd Intl’ Chess Tournamnte Moscow 1935 –Krylenko

    Soviet Union vs World 1970 –Petrosian,Matanovich

    Mammoth Book of Greatest Chess Games –Nunn, Emms, burgess


    Chess Magazines

    Chess Asia

    VOl 14 #1

    VOl 17# 3

    Vol 16 # 2

    VOl 17 # 4

    Vol 17 # 2

    Vol 14 # 2

    Vol 8 # 2

    Vol 7 # 4

    VOl 9 # 2

    Vol  7 # 3

    Vol 8 # 4

    Vol 11 #2

    Vol 10 # 4

    VOl 12 # 3

    Vol 11 # 1

    Vol 9 # 1

    Vol 3 # 4

    Vol 4 # 2


    Inside Chess

    Vol 7 # 13

    Vol 5 # 7

    VOl 6 # 24

    Vol 10 # 10

    Vol 7 # 10


    Chess Life

    July 2005

    July 2006

    Aug 2005

    May 2005



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    Quite an impressive collection of books.
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    Grandmaster Acheivement? Do you mean Performance or Preparation here? I have both of these but not GM Acheivement and I can't recall Polugaevsky writing another book like this.

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