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On sensation seeking and involvement in chess

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    We all have heard of those controversial reports, according which the more competitive chess involvement is, the more probable it will be for the chessplayers involved to exhibit personality traits typical of high sensation seekers, in pair with divers, climbers etc. . On the other hand, according GM Nigel Davies, the competitive chessplayer may as well account for a scientific type who lives a more or less normal life off the board...

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    1. e4

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    Ouch. That's hard on my eyes.   You're supposed to put a space after a comma or a period.  For example, this, and this, and this.  Not this,and this,and this.

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    Done,please argue on!

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    I haven't read anything about the top chess players being thrill-seekers. I see them more like you pointed out GM Davies to have said. That they're more a "scientific type", or a PHD type. 

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