On the intelligence of chessplayers

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    royalguardsa wrote:

    Research has shown that Chess players are of normal intelligence but this grows as they play ie. chess develops one's intelligence.

    Also proven is that chess players develop a high level of "chess intelligence" - not transferable to other walks of life

    I have to agree. Many strong chess players I knew are mediocre outside chess. They cannot apply what they learned from chess like tactics and strategy in the real world. In general, being smart in chess does not assure being smart outside chess.

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    Moses2792796 wrote:

    I would be surprised if there wasn't a strong correlation between IQ and chess ability.  Obviously someone with a high IQ who doesn't play chess will not beat an experienced player with a lower IQ, but I would expect that they would be capable of achieving a higher ability with the same training. 

    I liken it to the difference between hardware and software in computing.  IQ is your hardware, it is your inherent capability and limitation.  The software is how you have programmed your brain, whether you learned the game or not.  You could run Houdini on a crappy computer and it would still beat a poorer engine on better hardware, but it will not be able to compete with the same program running on superior hardware.

    I totally agree with your here, it is very true and it seems so obvious i dont understand why people just seem to always overlook this great point. That absolutly sums it up.

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