Pawn promotion in Chessbase 12

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    Chessbase 12 assumes that all pawn promotions are made to a king, however, I have a couple of games where the pawn was promoted to a knight and rook.  How can you change the promotion in this program?  I'm sure it can be done some way.  Thanks

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    pfren wrote:

    I'm not using Chessbase 12, but rather the older 2009 Premium. Anyway, the setting must be the same: under options-- misc untick the box "always promote to queen" (I guess you meant queen, not king- which is rather illegal... :P).

    I have that program, too. Love it but one has to "dig" a bit to learn how to use and find all the "bells and whistles".

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    I'm sorry, correct, Queen. 

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    Promotion to a king could be a good defence - your opponent would have to checkmate both of them Laughing

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    Thanks for the help.  Your correct; go to options, misc. and change the setting.  Fantastic!

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    Even switching clear still promotes to Q. Any solution for this issue?

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