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People that leave instead of resigning.

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    They're so annoying. I get it, you suck and you're too embarrased to click resign.

    That 5 minute wait time is too long I feel like.  I'd have to NOT play chess while they're offline because I'm never sure if they'll sneakily comeback, make a move, and make my timer go down.

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    I stopped playing 20minutes+ games because of that. Chess.com staff should do something about that, lol.

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    What can they do?

    It is impossible to determine if a person left on purpose or his internet just simply dropped.

    Actually, chess.com already gives a warning or a notice to that person, and I think he/she gets banned after doing that several times.

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    yes really annoying. I would like to see a maximum thinking time. Some would argue that you have the right to manage your own full time constraint but my experience is that if you do not make a move within 2 minutes you have really little chance to win later as your opponent had also the time to think and he is probably thinking faster than you.

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    How about a max time time per move for longer games? Maybe 20-50% of the total time?

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    Apart from an important reason (a lot of lost games due to lost internet connection) this played an important role in not playing fast games anymore. Would be polite to resign in a lost position and not wasting my time but no, rather making me wait and sustain my alertness since you can never know what does the opponent do. Always assume the best (he may lost the connection and coming back) but happened that someone was sneaking back after 15 minutes. 

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