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Rules issue, is this a draw ?

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    It's also probably easier to code if they just have to find the material to tell if it's won or drawn. Trying to determine if a mate is possible could be quite difficult, you would need some sort of strong reverse engine.

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    FunWithChess20 wrote:
    ThrillerFan wrote:
    rooperi wrote:

    According to fide rules, If mate is possible, even if it depends on terrible blunders by your opponent, you should get the win.

    WRONG!  Based on what you are saying, if White has a King and Bishop, and Black has a King and Bishop, Bishops are of opposite color, then the one that runs out of time losess?  NO!  Absolutely not!


    Yes, absolutely so.

    rooperi clearly stated according to FIDE. 

    RIGHT!    ie. not wrong.

    Both Chess.com and USCF have different rules though.

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