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Should I always play my favourite opening???

  • 5 years ago · Quote · #21


    u should because no one knows it better than u anf how u use it is diffrent than how other people use it

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    Moon your good ,and any opening leads to the important middle game. You are great there so should have noproblem against most opponents.

  • 4 years ago · Quote · #23


    Knowing two things vaguely vs. knowing one thing really well? That's a no brainer in this situation.

    Unless you're the kind who actually has time to really study multiple things deep enough, I'd say most mortals should stick to one system and really learn some of the nuances.  Of course, common sense demands that your system is flexible (and if you're lucky, somewhat universal!) , has transpositions that you can adapt most of your games to as well as just being sound.

    Mastering the Danish Gambit does really little for your game against 1...e6 (an extreme example).

    Let me also quote many a strong player who has drilled into my thick stubborn skull that an opening is merely a means to get to a playable middle game where you are equal at the very worst. Any belief that they will be a silver bullet to defeat stronger players borders on delusion. 

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