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Stuff Non-Chess Players Say

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    I have had this avatar for many months..perhaps it is time I change it. When I get around to it.

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    Hmmm...bumped to next page. I hate that...

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    5. [Makes a simple move]-->"Hmm cheating, eh?" Yell

    5a. [First I realize that the chess program on a cheap iPhone app is completely flawed (allows pieces to move into check and even get captured!) Next, I bring it to the attention of the person I'm playing (non-chess player) and get the previous response. YellYellYell]

    4. "So where is my horse again?"

    3. [Attempts to take my pawn by jumping over it Yell and after saying that it was an illegal move, I get the following response.] "But I thouht it was like checkers!" Yell

    2. [Applies to any situation where you have a game with a board with alternating colors. Even when it is a 10 by 10 board with different colors that a normal board and completely different organization.]-->"Is that chess?" Yell

    1. "I can play chest [chess] it's just like checkers [some instead say draughts)]. All you have to do it move the horsiestowers [they mean rooks] and ponds [pawns]."

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    Hey, is that checkers? Why are the pieces so weirdly shaped? Oh, and the PC's are setup incorrectly. Oh, it's chess! So, how do those horsy-things move?

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    camberfoil wrote:

    Hmmm...bumped to next page. I hate that...

    Welcome to the dragonair hall of fame camber!

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