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Stuff Non-Chess Players Say

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    Legitimate question! I wondered too. Apparently there's an International Chess Day because:

    "This day is celebrated globally with professional and amateur chess tournaments, seminars and lectures aimed to promote the most intelligent of all sports. " And here's some history if anyone's out there reading this, lol: "This holiday was initiated by UNESCO in 1966 to commemorate the date of FIDE establishment on the 20th of July 1924 in Paris. Today FIDE embraces 186 national chess federations, 117 of which are recognized by the national Olympic committees of their countries."(Here's the letter today from FIDE's PresidentKirsan Ilyumzhinov) PS sorry for the random change of font. Chess.com makes it a challenge to copy/paste sources. 

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    Bumped lol

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    findingnemo7 wrote:

    FQAs: "What's the difference between youth and open tournaments?"

    First off, congrats on your admirable rating :) Second, lemme bump this question cause I bumped the last comment – my bad. hehe

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    dragon, you seem to get bumped more than anyone I know.

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    "Chess is boring"

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    Or  "Iv'e never played chess,it's too boring".

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    Lmao. I'll bet it's the ratio of my # of comments to # of comments on a page that makes the frequency of comment bumps greater. Ooooo super nerdy talk. (;

    @findingnemo Welcome! Plus that's an awesome movie. "Wow look at that big butt!" - (Finding Nemo) 😜

    @Melvyn lol yea "chess is boring everyone takes too long to make a move, it's so slow"

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