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    My friend took a car trip to Canada with her family, and while she was there she saw life-size chess sets. She sent the pics to me and said it reminded her of me. Awwwwwwwwwwww! You know you've got a good friend when they always remember to share chess-related things with you, even if they're underwhelming. I still think life-size chess is cool....  

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    but wrote:


    That's awesome. That will be my new DJ name. xD

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    Guys this is new for me... I just got back from playing chess in a bar with a friend. During our second game the karaoke started... but we kept playing xD One of the waiters asked where I got my tounament style board, cause his board at home wasn't portable, and I told him USCF Sales (of course). Even pulled up the site on my phone (; I wonder if we'll play there again? 


    I thought playing in a bar would be supppper distracting... and if it was a tournament w/ prize money then yes it would be. But casual chess? I thought it was fun... We got a good amount of second glances. lol 

    So yeah... that's my update Laughing

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    I had a Paul Morphy moment. I played 5 games yesterday at pool-side in less than 2 hours. One game, I gave my opponent Queen + Bishop odds. I won all of them easily.

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    Very nice! When I read The Queen's Gambit by Walter Tevis there were lots of references to Paul Morphy. The fictional character chess prodigy, Beth, really fancied Paul Morphy's style of play. It was brought up many times in the novel. lol 

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    Such a bad chess day for me! HA... Dropped a rook OTB and dropped a queen in a correspondence game. 


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