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    Okay I'll tell it now! We were at our chess meeting indoors on campus in the food court. This student comes along and joins our chess meeting, which is perfectly fine to do. But later one of our members told me he was very high. I just thought he had a unique personality, guess I was wrong! So while I'm playing a game and he's watching the game, he starts playing Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones from his cellphone on speaker, quite loudly in my opinon. So here is our group that was quietly playing chess in a busy but quiet food court, and he starts playing that song on speaker. I could literally feel people start to stare at us from as far away as a few tables down. It was really embarrassing, for me anyway! I don't like that kind of attention! >_< But after he left then we went back to concentrating on our chess games, and hopefully those around us understood that he was the one being a disturbance with the music. This was the weirdest chess meeting yet with this chess club I'm in. lol. 


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    Here we go.

    I had my chess board out in a cafe when a total stranger shows up and says, "Alright, show me how to play this."

    I said, "Sure." I explained the moves of two pieces (TWO: R&B!).

    And then he pounds his head on the table and says, "You mean I have to remember all that?! Never mind." and walks off.

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    Not so long ago, I played against a clearly inferior opponent.  This was their response after walking a pawn uncontested to F8 and promoting to a queen.

    "I didn't know you could have two queens."

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