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Strong Dedicated Computers

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    SeamusORiley wrote:

     By the way, when Kasparov resigned on move 19, Mephisto Milano only had him down - 0.19

    Could he have fought back?

    Certainly not...engines give evaluations worse than -4.00 after c4...Kasparov was going down in flames and he knew it.  Still can't believe he played that h6 move...  

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    Thanks, Ziggy.  It is enjoyable, but I am looking for someone (like you) who has advanced and can attest to its efficiacy.  

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    Ziggyblitz wrote:

    Seamus, studying the way you describe sounds brilliant. I have Pandolfini's book on the Deep Blue v Kasparov match and have found it very instructive. My top machine is a Mephisto Master so I may see how fares with the games from the match.



    how did you make out with this?

    I'd love a strong dedicated chess computer to physically play a game out with analysis in display.  The Resurrection models are out of reach $.  I don't think a new model in the world of dedicated chess computers has been manufactured in years. 

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    Thanks for the reminder Peter, I'll dust it off today. I lost the adapter for the MM and have only just ordered one from the UK. The unit is battery friendly but the power adapter should prove useful.

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