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Stupid Comments

  • 10 months ago · #561


    chr1s-u wrote:
    DrSpudnik wrote:

    He posts a link to the Ernst Zundel holocaust denial crapola. Good move!

    "You could for example ask some jews who know this..."

    What a great idea! Ask a Jew you know (if you know any) why they are taking over the banks! See if they tell you and then get back to us with the big secret!

    Zundel is a Jew. He won his case here in Canada. As a result The memorial at Auwshwitz was sand blasted smooth where it used to say 6,000,000 died here.

    Ernst Zundel is not a Jew, as though that is important. John Patler, George Lincoln Rockwell's #2 in the American Nazi Party was a messed up Jewish kid, as was the Chicago area Nazi Frank Collin. For some reason, these nuts end up in jail or dead. No doubt part of the big conspiracy.

  • 10 months ago · #562


    All I want to know is which one faked the moon landing.

  • 10 months ago · #563


    Let's hope all his "research" involves field work.

  • 10 months ago · #564


    Zundel was partly jewish I should have said. But Norman Finklestein, Shlomo Sands,David Cole have no reason to do this. Mentioning jewish Nazi's has nothing to do with it either. At least don't be a clown with your last word like this video. It's a sign you know nothing about it, Right? Your only fooling yourself, they killed 200 x as many people and they stole the Jewish Identity to say that these accusations are being pointed at a larger community of legitimate Israelites. Are you able to Intelligently Respond to this without being a bozo about it? The last I checked Many people knew this was true and what's this business of thinking no people conspire in the world when that would just make you more vulnerable. Meaning exactly the same persons upload outrageous information and then you just go around repeating it ignoring valid information completely. In proportion it's a mafia like many others but it specifically concerns the middle east. Really how much do you know about it? I know a lot. You can't be an idiot though if I'm going to talk.

  • 10 months ago · #565


    MaxBrowne_NZ wrote:

    Chris, you are basically arguing with three idiots.  That "Zealandzen" is a milquetoast suck-up.

    It's hard to get angry at nonsensical non sequiturs. I will wonder this one time why you want my attention.

  • 10 months ago · #566


    zealandzen wrote:
    MaxBrowne_NZ wrote:

    Chris, you are basically arguing with three idiots.  That "Zealandzen" is a milquetoast suck-up.

    It's hard to get angry at nonsensical non sequiturs. I will wonder this one time why you want my attention.

    You made it your business to know Native history and how much of it do you think is in school? Isn't this just like that? So why be a clown when you know someone does edit history? I suppose you don't know they owned a lot of the slave ships. Or were boycotting german goods as a form of sanctions. And that only 1/5 of judges was a German. That war was the result of protests here to create pressure for it. At the time they were only being segregated because it was unknown which people this mafia was. But when an unfounded shame is put on people they don't even examine this. The west could have said if you don't wan't them there just put them here.

  • 10 months ago · #567


    I already happened to know and found some decent paragraphs with a few clicks. Plus, it is my business to know history. People will read it or skip it at their pleasure. 

    This is a forum for a variety of opinions and it's not a linear conversation. People drift in and out of topics and sometimes they just want to write a sentence. Between consenting adults what is the harm done? Why does this merit flippant nasty remarks? 

    How much of it do I think is in school? I'd say the basics of that era are taught in a typical American history high school and college class. at least. The Trail of Tears would be in the first part of the dual course, leading up to the Civil War. I'd say the topic was introduced as early as 6th grade in my case. It may be in the books but it's not necessarily being taught or learned. 

    Andrew Jackson ruined the southeast Indians, but few people are without any virtue. His birth is of interest, his wife is quite a story, and he had good notions on some things. My one sentence said he wasn't a hero to me. You called me names for that?

    About editing history, I read what I posted quickly and deemed it sufficiently correct. Not only do many Americans forget history, but others on this site have had no exposure to the topic. How does such reasoning make me a clown? If you will overreact to everything then then there won't be any interacting.  

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