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The best chess player ever

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    richie_and_oprah wrote:

    igor was a real trip ... if i had  lit a match near him during our game i think the entire hotel would have gone up in flames

    also, he was quite a pianist 

    He was once reportedly so drunk during a game that he poured a thermos of hot coffee into his hand...without putting the cup there first. Smile

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    richie_and_oprah wrote:
    you coulda been a contenda!

    Yeah, but I can't, because I'm just a bum.  And a puppethead.

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    btw, how is witchie poo these days?


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    A lot better since she got rid of all that damned makeup:

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    tactical ,morphy

    attacker ,fischer

    solid ,kasparov

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    Kasparov - solid Undecided

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    It's hard to say with certainty. Objectively speaking Houdini 4 is.  However, relative to one's peers perhaps it was Lasker due to his amazing tournament record and ability to draw in seemingly hopeless positions.  Rubinstein was probably the greatest player in history never to be world champion (compared to peers of course, objectively speaking that honor would have to go to Aronian due to the fact that he's the only person ever over 2800 to never be world champion).  And of course you have Capablanca's amazing technical ability, schematic thinking, and endgame skill as well. 


    Kasparov was simply a calculation monster with an amazing intuition as well.  His proficiency at the positional sacrifice, famous calculation skills, and incredible opening prep made even the great Karpov crack and lose the title.




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    Borislav Houdinov is the best

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    Ferrar wrote:

    tactical ,morphy

    attacker ,fischer

    solid ,kasparov

    defender, karpov

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    +1 to borislav houdinov

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    Someone people overlook and doesn't get the recognition he should is Philidor who was an unofficial world champion for 50 years.

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    Overall, Chuck Norris. :P

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