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The Grandmaster's positional understanding, by Igor Smirnov

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    thanks, lon,  but your definitions for "study" and stuff sound more Uncle philosophy than the actual Uncle philosophy you claim stuff to be; they are baseless. Also, you try to paint "think-for-yourself" as completely opposite as to "study" (this would include reading and writing, watching stuff and so on) which is a straight fallacy: "study" here, is a meaning for instructing oneself about a business, while "think-for-yourself" is not a means for instruction, but a procedure in itself. You can definitively study AND think for yourself.

    Another advantage of studying (it is just my guess) is that you don't have to reinvent the wheel all the time just for the love of thinking-it-for-oneself: I'm guessing that in chess you have way too many challenges, themes, items, where you can exercise thinking-for-oneself a lot.

    I think no one here is saying GM Smirnov's stuff is useless or a plain scam or fraud. At least, from my point of view, you can get the same Smirnov teaches without having to pay for the courses (I would say, for example, Silman's books are something up to par for beginners, and Botvinnik's russian school texts also good to improve the fertile land). Others might disagree.

    Coaching, excercises and live play will never be replaced by just "studying". I am a little suspicious -perhaps a bad grown-up habit I have- of people offering magic pills so you become a GM or whatever your dream is. Reality is, I don't care if grownup or child, to master anything takes a lot of hard work and study (that little dirty word), and no magic course from a GM will replace that.

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