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What does mean, when a player refuse to rematch ?

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    I think your question is wrongly formulated.  You say “rematch” when what you apparently mean is “immediate rematch”.  Most active opponents of within 200 points of one’s own rating one comes across again sooner or later, and one is then willing to play them unless they stand out in memory for rudeness or some other objectionable quality.   I find as some of your other commenters do that after a lightning game I almost always need a break; and the first thing I do in it is normally look up my opponent’s home page. If he doesn’t give his real name I don’t play him again until such time as I’ve forgotten.

        Who or what is the “Milgram” you refer to?

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    There is also the point that what 97% of people do should probably be regarded as normal behaviour.

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    I almost never offer rematches. On the rare occasions when I do , it's usually rejected. 

    There are times you know a rematch is coming. If you beat a player quite a bit bigger than you, they tend to want another game. Somehow I feel honor bound.  Sometimes you fall into a nice conversation, which normally leads to a rematch. Interesting games will get a rematch as well.

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    I neither offer nor accept rematches with the 106% of players whom I suspect of cheating, the 187% of players who serve up garbage, and the uncountable players who require more than four moves to checkmate with two queens. Rematches offers from anyone who diables chat, or who chats during a three minute game are routinely ignored.

    With all the rest, I almost never offer, but usually accept rematches. 

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    many reasons for this prob all covered in previous threads but it doesnt always mean they are scared of you or your abilities if ii lose to a player i want revenge but if the previous game drained me i want coffee and a cigarette not another head to head 

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    I usually decline rematches (I'd not want them to think we're going 'steady').


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    Snowyqueen wrote:

    I'd be curious. Try it: Next time you lose, say "Nice game," and something specific and complimentary about how they beat you. Then ask for the rematch. I'll bet you get more rematches. 

    That really may make all the difference. People who are trying to quickly soothe a bruised ego are less likely to show basic social courtesies.

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      I never say no to a rematch if i have time to play. No matter the rating nor the taste or the outcome of the previous match. If you were face to face with your opponenet and he proposed a rematch, would you say no in his face? Would be a bit weird right? Also in times i've said something like ''could you wait 10 mins for the rematch?'' wich 98% is acceptable.

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    If I decide to play live,(rare, for which will become clear soon,) I will only ever play one game. It doesn't matter which color I get, or if I lose or win. I don't do blitz or bullet, so a 15/10 is about as fast as I'm willing to play. To me, that's too fast anyway, but whatever. I have to arrange a thirty minute block of time where I pretty much can't be interrupted to do that. With two kids, a wife, and life that is on constant overdrive, getting that thirty minute block of time is like arranging the universe. That's why I generally stick to online, so I can look at the board, think, get up, take care of a situation at home, etc. .... It's never personal if I play live. It simply will be one game only.

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    Kardinal, maybe it is related to your tendency to write rude comments on people's wall?

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    There is no rule that says a person must do a rematch, therefore it is voluntary. If a person doesnt, what gives you the right to message, and belittle that person? Then to add insult to injury you block the person so they cant repond to your childish rant. Grow up and get a life and realize that everyone does not think or act like you and that is perfectly ok. If you try to remember that maybe your panties wont be bunched up all the time!

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    For me its if in the first game in short time controls a person plays immediate queen moves or fools mate looking for quick checks leading to mistakes rather then solid opening theory/ fundaments leading to a strategic miscalculation.  basically moves that would not be played with longer time controls.  So we played, you did the damn thing, and you won/lost.   A player who's tactics were not deliberately trickish/trappish I almost always accept a rematch out of politeness.

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    Very few of my blitz opponents merit a rematch. If one of us crushes the other easily, there's little reason for playing more. If the game exhibited anything nefarious (lag, evidence of unfair play, rude comments, ...) a rematch would be absurd.

    I actually see rematch requests after an opponent let the clock run out in a lost position. Blocking is a more rational response to such behavior than accepting a rematch.

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