What Is Your Plan To Improve At Chess?

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    I'm talking about these 1min or 2 min games. Not a longer "bullet" game like 2min with 5sec added. The point being that a key part of being a good player of short (lightning?) bullet games is being able to simply play 60 or more moves per minute regardless of their quality. Anyway, if you want a quick way to improve your lightning rating, memorize the form of the King's Indian Defense and play it as fast as you can at the beginning of any game. Don't go into a defensive shell and push your pieces around until you get attacked, it may work against some but its poor sportsmanship to form your entire game around winning on time. Furthermore, pawn pushing in the long run won't raise anyone above more than something like a 1500 rating depending on what we define as a pawn pusher. Basically, play bullet for fun people not to build skill.

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    NanouktheEskimo wrote:

    dude forget bullet chess, you don't gain any critical skill playing bullet chess. It's more of an excercise in muscle memory. I mean in my opinion any skill you display in bullet chess is more of a manifestation of the ability we gain through longer matches that allow the time for analysis.

    I use it as a tactics trainer.

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