Which is generally stronger? a queen or two rooks?

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    2 rooks, since they have the power to raise zombie threads from the dead.

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    You can't say it's 10points vs 9, that statement is not considering we are taking about the endgame here. Personally I think it depends on positioning, rooks ability to cover them selfs can be negated by the pawns structure and even if there is none, still depends on how the board looks.

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    I think, two rooks are more effective than a queen in the endgame. In the middlegame mobile is more important, so queen is better than rooks when there are many pieces. And queen always needs help.

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    The queen does not work well by itself. It needs the help of another piece. In the middle game the pieces are still on the board. As the wood comes off, the rooks will become stronger.

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