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Who is better Paul Morphy or Magnus Carlsen

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    I think better question is "who was more talented - Carlsen or Morphy?" to which I'd answer Carlsen still.

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    hmm maybe you are right...

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    but nowadays there is a lot of technological improvement and our brains have evolved so if carlsen was in the era of paul i think carlsen would be more than a machine for them!so i choose carlsen and morphy see this game played by paul morphy and see the brilliancy!

    thus, this game shows morphy's brilliance but i still think carlsen is much better than morphy!

  • 10 months ago · Quote · #245


    Who is better?

    Mikhail Chigorin, or Tigran Petrosian?


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    I am better, superior, stronger, excellente, overpowered, than carlsen in my dreams!

  • 10 months ago · Quote · #248


    If Morphy was time machined to this month there would be at least 2000 people who could beat him in a match.

  • 10 months ago · Quote · #249


    Paul Morphy had an amazing ability to learn new things from his strong opponents. In his match vs Harrwitz he lost first 2 games, then he won 5. In his match vs Anderssen he lost 1st, drew 2nd and then he started winning, but Anderssen also learned from Morphy, albeit slower, and fought back later with 1 additional victory and 1 draw.

    So if Morphy faced Carlsen in a match, he would lose 1-3 initial games and then turn it around. Therefore, Carlsen should win short FIDE knockout match, Morphy any other longer match.

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