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Chess.com Mobile 2.6.0

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    I've been playing Chess.com Mobile on my Blackberry Pearl since its inception.  I downloaded the latest version (2.6.0) and now it refuses to connect and is simply stuck 'Connecting..'.  I have tried re-downloading and re-installing to no avail (and cannot find an un-install option).

    Any advice gratefully received.




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    Found the delete application option.  Re-installed with same problem :-(

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    Does it prompt to allow internet access? If not try setting some phone setting that allow this before starting the app.

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    Excellent.  Edited the Application properties and set everything from Custom to Allow.  It then prompted me to allow Chess.com to access the Internet and all is well in Blackberry world - Thanks.

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    I've not experienced it myself, but it seems as though the prompt may sometimes be opening up off of the viewable screen.

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