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Closed account... why?

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    I can't log in into my other account. It always says incorrect password, so when i type in my email to try to change it, I get an "account closed" message on my screen. I wasn't cheating, so i didn't know what was wrong. I even checked the list of closed accounts. I wasn't even there. I'm very confused. How can I reinstate my account?

    My old account username was: awesomeness321

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    I think his account was closed before this second one.

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    Your other account isn't closed, I don't know why you get the message.

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    Heartbleed wasn't a virus, it was a security flaw in a specific version of SSL. It is possible that it could have happened...but what hacker in their right mind would want a Chess.com account? He likely just had two accounts active at the same time, which is against the rules.

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    Yeah, I don't know if Chess.com uses OpenSSL, but even if they do, it's unlikely to be Heartbleed if he didn't log into Chess.com during the vulnerable period after the flaw going public but before the servers fixed the problem. (The account shows last login was some time in 2010.)

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    RonaldJosephCote wrote:

                        last login 2010??   They may have instituted a new rule that says if you don't log in for say, 1 yr, you would have to contact staff. My bank does that after 40 days. 


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    This account was made so I can ask questions about it and contact help and support.

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    ...but what hacker in his right mind would want a chess.com account?

    That's funny because it's sort of true when you think about it. Now I feel depressed for even wasting time on here. Damn.

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    Thanks crystal

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    Please telly how can I close my account it is boring.

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    sophia24myage wrote:

    Please telly how can I close my account it is boring.

    With a profile pic like that, very soon you'll be getting some very "interesting" messages from other members here.

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    :)  really had to smile at sophia's comment ... she's so right ... things are boring ... until you get to a certain tension created by the chess board position ... then - the psychology of human thoughts make the game very engaging ... how completely correct she  is!   " it is boring"  ...

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    Anyway, it seems like she found out how to close her account. So... good for her, I guess.

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    close one account,keep the best

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