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Server constantly aborting my games!

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    Is anyone else having this issue? It's driving me mad. Yell 

    Can hardly get a game because the server keeps aborting my game before I even get to play a move or see the board! My pc is fast enough to stream movies fine so this makes no sense to me. Why is it only running so slowly on chess.com?

    Help from a staff member would be appreciated. It seems to be since the update to the site; I never had the problem before but now the game, new game and tournament tabs display oddly. The third tab disappears off the screen.

    Please help, thanks.

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    Hi MagdalenaMay,

    Sorry you are experiencing this problem.

    I would just like to ask a few question to help identify the problem and hopefully be able to provide a solution.

    2)What Operating System? (Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac, Ubuntu)

    3) What browser are you using? (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari)

    Also, please note that the redesign to the site, did not effect the "Live Chess" server at all.

    Also please ensure you are not donwloading or streaming any progrmas or media at the same time as you play on live chess.



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    please download and use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, instead of IE8.

    They are much better supported browsers.



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    I have had the same problem

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