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Three fold repetition rule

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    I've had second thoughts about adding a "claim draw" button on the screen. I posted it was unneeded. I've given that a second thought and now think it might be useful if you were trying to claim a draw for three-fold repetition, but didn't want to annoy your opponent with a lot of "refuse draw" responses. This can happen in a long useless game where it really is hard to remember all the previous 40 positions that might have been duplicated. It would just always be there and never change color or shape to indicate you had a three-fold repetition.

    What it would help is if the opponent has to take time to do the "refuse draw". 

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    Because the opponent doesn't have to take the time to click it.  They can ignore it.  This would just be an unnecessary button.

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    k_kostov wrote:

    I guess chess.com assumes people who use the site to play chess have already been acquainted with game rules prior to starting a game. Moreover, there is a page on the site about rules and basics available for everyone interested to study them: http://www.chess.com/learn-how-to-play-chess. There is even a separate page about how to claim a draw: http://support.chess.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/40/0/how-do-i-claim-a-draw.

    The information is out there to read. I don't think that's difficult, obscured, etc. After all, during the game there are no hints for forced mates for example, why should there be hints for drawing? Don't blame the site, it's not their fault.

    I agree.

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