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Chess.com violates free speech rights

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    I agrre with sonic. just play,  why chat. Chess .com is a very good site for hobby. players have to be sportsman and not bloggers. i receive many undigestble comments. i just wither them off my coat.

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    hahahahahhahahahaha hahahahhaahahhahah oo hohohohohoh haaaaaaaaaaa mmmm  sorry

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    Without wading through all the crap sure to be found in this thread (I didn't bring my waterproof hip waders), I think the answer is simple. Chess.com isn't a body of government. It's a for-profit website, not a government body bound by the jurisdiction of the United States. The O.P. is either trolling or is unfamiliar with the concept of the internet, and that it obeys no borders or government laws (except in certain countries, where the internet is censored and that person's government can restrict what he/she can say/read or block access to websites not in line with their views)

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