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Kicked out

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    This user Pul******, real name Se**** de An**** from Madrid used not appropiate language on chat during a game. I made a mistake answer him back and now I am kicked from live chess. Thats unfair and I have to apologize from my first reaction but I think this kind of "player" must be out from chess.com right in the moment for ruining the nice experience of playing chess in your web.

    How can I play live chess again????

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    wait a few days

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    Sorry ha**** (i can't use your name) but I think what you have to do is just kick out this user from chess.com not just telling me to erase his name or to wait a few days. I was playing normally as I use to do and this user ruinend my game and ruined my (usually) great experience playing chess here. Just erase him from the web not from the message!

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    Try not to worry about it.   You can't kill trolls.

    Looking at your games list, it looks like you lost only two days. Is that right?

    Looking at the ID of the guy you were complaining about, he had only been a member for a few days before you ran into him.  Chances are good that he has been kicked off many times and keeps coming back with a new ID. If he continues that behavior, and somebody reports him, he'll be kicked off again before long.

    Try to ignore it.

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    Talmapai wise comment. That's what's all about and that's why I started to play chess again because is  a beautiful game that implies a lot of mental control and focus. I completely fall into weakness as I recognized by saying that I made a mistake. It's not happend anymore. I learn as I try to learn to play chess as a "mental trainer".

    Is that I have such a respect for this game that I can't conceive somebody pissing off people here.


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    I just got kicked out too :( .... I'm not going to lie though, the other guy had it coming and it was worth it =D

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    Think the guys in Chess.com would be advised to set chat to enable chat, rather than the other way round. This would help solve the problem of insults, to a certain degree.

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    for how long will you be kicked out?

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    pride88 wrote:

    for how long will you be kicked out?

    I think it should be very short, maybe only a couple of days.

    If you look at  Ochema's archive, he has been back playing for at least a month. (Being a basic member, I can only see back a month.)

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    i got kicked as i was in a game and my kids needed sorting out so i took maybe 5 -10 mins and he started getting funny i apoligised and he said he was will report me so i slightly got a bit abusive as there was no need to get funny cause i said sorry i wanted to lay the game not deal with my kids but jeeeez that guy deserved it in my eyes!!!

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